Heidi Fitchett

Carers' Respite Committee Director

Hello! I'm Heidi, and this year I'm Carers' Respite Committee Director.

I oversee the running of CRC, working with the other members of the exec to make surethat the project is benefiting the families we work with as much as possible.This mainly involves organising our volunteers to attend home visits, Happy Saturdays and termly day trips. I also co-ordinate our fundraising events and promote CRC around college and in the local community!

Alongside Outreach, I'm a notorious cake enthusiast and I serve Mildert's amazingly cheap pints as a member of Team Bar. I'm also Secretary for VMBC and have absolutely loved rowing for Mildert over the last two years!

If you have any questions about CRC or the application process, please feel free to contact me on crcdirector@mildert.co.uk. :-)

Email: crcdirector@mildert.co.uk