Anna Marsburg

Community Visitation Scheme Director

Hi! I'm Anna, the director of Community Visiting Scheme for the coming year.

My job is to ensure that our team of around 25 Van Mildert students maintain the fantastic work that we have done in supporting the elderly residents of Durham. As director, I am responsible for ensuring each volunteer is comfortable in their visiting groups and that any possible concerns over their elderly person are dealt with. Equally, alongside other members of our exec team I will be organizing fundraisers both inside and outside of college to fund the community coffee mornings we will be holding throughout the year.

Alongside CVS I have also volunteered for YPP as I think the Mildert outreach schemes are one of the best aspects of college life and a hugely enjoyable experience for all involved. Outside of my languages degree I love travelling, watching MTV and embracing the sweet RNB tunes that reverberate through Klute on a Monday night.

Please email me at anna.marsburg@durham.ac.uk or send me a message on Facebook if you have an questions or ideas! x

Email: anna.marsburg@durham.ac.uk