Tom Ward and Adam Ford


We're Tom (tall) and Adam (great beard and hair) and this year we're the Presidents of VM Darts. All we really do is make sure the matches happen and organise socials. It doesn't matter if you've never even thrown before - it's all very laid back with the emphasis more on having fun than winning. That having been said, our As won the college tournament last year so there's a serious side to the As too (the Bs not so much).

Aside from Darts Tom and I are involved in loads of other college sports like Rugby, Football, Cricket and Lacrosse. Naturally, as we hail from the south of London, we both enjoy long walks in Richmond Park and talking about how cheap everything in the north is. When one of us isn't spending loads of time with their friend Jim and the other isn't being wet and playing DU MxL, we can often be found throwing terribly questionable darts in the JCR if anyone wants a chat or has any questions xx

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