Beth Tilley

Events Officer

Hello, I’m Beth and this year I am the JCR Events Officer.

My job is oversee every event that takes place in college from start to finish, ensuring all paperwork is complete and the college are happy, and most of all making sure all events are as fabulous as possible! I sit on the interview panels for all events committees, as wellas working with my Assistant Events Officer to provide external events andformal ents!

When I’m not doing events stuff I’m busywith my law degree or watching legal dramas and Corrie! I’m also Co-Captain ofthe Netball C Team, part of Van Mildert Prison Project, and have walked down thecatwalk in the Charity Fashion show for two years running.

Please get in touch at events@mildert.co.uk if you have any questions, or come say hi if you see me around college! x

Email: events@mildert.co.uk