Lewis Martins

Head of Executive Comm

Hi! I'm Lewis, and this year I'll be your Sabbatical JCR President.

I oversee everything that we do here as an undergraduate student body - that includes everything from representing your interests at College, Union and University committees,to working with Mildert students to provide the range of opportunities we have here. There's no problem too big or too small, as I'm elected to best serve all of your needs.

In terms of my life outside the presidency, I'm a big fan of American TV Dramas, KFC Bargain Buckets and Taylor Swift (no regrets). I've also been involved with a lot of the arts productions at Van Mildert, and a regular for the mighty VMAFC G Team.

Don't hesitate to contact me at vm.president@durham.ac.uk if you have any questions, and follow me at @VMPresident to see what I'm doing day to day.

Email: vm.president@durham.ac.uk