Nick Mainwaring

Film Soc President

Hi! I'm Nick Mainwaring, and this year I'm the Director of Van Mildert's Film Society.

As the Director I will oversee the organising and subsequent running of film nights in college, allowing people to watch a film in the JCR in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere during an evening. This year we, as a society, are hoping to expand through the creation of an Executive Film Society Committee, who will be able to assist me in organising events to go and see new releases at cinemas in Newcastle and Durham as a group.

Outside of my duties as Film Society Director, I am the college's Senior Students' Union Representative acting as the link between the JCR and the Students' Union, as well as being a member of the college's Prison Project, an Outreach project which mentors and supports the young people in the youth offending centre at Aycliffe Secure Children's Home.

If you have any questions regarding the Film Society, or any of the events that we are planning on running this year please do not hesitate to contact me at (there is an email address – I just don't know it yet) or come up and speak to me when I am in college, or follow the society on twitter @mildertfilm. x

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