Helen Shires

Primary School Project Director

Hi, I'm Helen and I am the Director of PSP for the coming year.

I oversee the project along with our 5 Heads of Schools to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our project sends Mildert students into local Primary Schools to work either as Teaching Assistants or to provide after school clubs for the pupils. We help run various events throughout the year including the Outreach Formal and the Christmas Party for the children of College staff.

I study German and Spanish and have just returned from my Year Abroad and cannot wait to get back to Mildert life. I have been Club Captain of Netball and known to make a mean Toastie behind the shop and I am looking forward to getting as involved as possible in my final year!

Any questions feel free to contact me at pspdirector@mildert.co.uk

Email: pspdirector@mildert.co.uk