William O'Donovan

JCR Vice President

Hey, I’m Will, and this year I’ll be the JCR Vice-President.

As VP, it’s my job to organise careers events throughout College in order to help students decide which career path is best for them. Alongside this, I deputise for Lewis (the JCR President) in representing Mildert Students’ interests in College; sitting on various governance committees, attending meetings and being part of College interview panels. I also oversee the organising of all College Formals. Formals are a great way to allow the whole College to come together, with most formals running on a theme such as St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween.

Outside of the role, I’m a typical Law student hoping to learn something from watching Suits in my spare time. I’m also the Co-President of the VM Hockey Club, a member of Bar Comm and a one-time wonder goal scorer for the VMAFC E Team.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions at vp@mildert.co.uk, or you can most likely just come and find me working at the Bar. Cheers!

Email: vp@mildert.co.uk