Laura Blackett

Van Mildert Prison Project Director

Hi! I'm Laura and I'm the director of Prison Project this year.

I run the mentoring scheme where students from Mildert go into Aycliffe Secure Centre and provide support for some of the young offenders there. I make sure the visits to the prison run smoothly by interviewing for the project and assigning volunteers to young offenders who have similar interests to assure the project is as effective as it can be. I will also support volunteers who have tricky visits by providing debriefing sessions.

Apart from this and my Psychology degree, you will find me either watching new girl or orange is the new black on repeat, participating in some social netball (social being the key word), dancing in either college shows or in Klute)!

Any questions about what we do on Prison Project or how to get involved, contact me on ppdirector@mildert.co.uk :) x

Email: ppdirector@mildert.co.uk