Jenny Laurence

Women's Football

Hey :)

I'm Jenny Laurence, the Women's Football Captain for the 2015/16 Season.

This year I am aiming to focus on developing two aspects of the team. Firstly, I hope to encourage players of all ability to develop their football skills and meet new people - all would be welcome to the fun trainings once a week. I would also like to bring a - *fingers-crossed* - successful team to the inter-collegiate Cup and Div 1, aiming to beat our awesome positions last year (Cup QF and 2nd place in Div 1.)

Aside from football, I enjoy being active, meeting new people, dancing the night away, and I've got a serious case of wanderlust. Among other things at College, I also row for VMBC, and took part in the 48hr musical last year - the best experience singing HSM outside of the shower to date.

Drop me a line if you've got questions about any aspect of VMWFC at jennifer.laurence@durham.ac.uk :)

Toodles x

Email: jennifer.laurence@durham.ac.uk