Fresher's Week Timetable:(click here to download)

Here's a little something from our JCR president- Simon Povey:

If you're reading this I believe congratulations are in order! You are now officially a Mildertian. Come October 2nd, you will be joining the Van Mildert Junior Common, the JCR, a body I hope you will quickly develop an unrelenting affinity with as you progress through your academic career at the incredible Durham University.

Our JCR is not just a room, in which you can play darts, practice a dance routine or simply just to sit in and chill with friends. Every individual undergraduate of the college is a valued member of the JCR, it's not just YOU, or ME, but it is US. From your first day, until your last you have the chance to create your own piece of history and take what you want out of our JCR, whether that be being a member of our many sports teams, art projects or our six fantastic community outreach schemes. The opportunities you get by being a member of the JCR are endless!

So where does this leave me? I am YOUR JCR President; I am now working full time to further the interests of the JCR with the College and University staff. So please don't be scared to come and have a chat if you need help, I am here to help YOU no matter how small the problem. If you have ideas on how we can develop, bring them to me. If you want to explore the possibility of academic lectures in college, bring your ideas to me. Or if you simply want to hear some nostalgic experiences, I'll be in the Bar/JCR most nights of the week so come and say hello!

This college is truly special. What it offers, is unique and unparalleled. No other university or college will give you the same experience a Mildert student goes through. You will retain the friends and experiences for the rest of your life and shed tears when you leave, after all, it quickly stops being university and instead you will call it home.

When you're here, work hard academically, work hard for the JCR but also take time for yourself. You've made it, relax, and chill out. Help and advice is here if you need it. The more you put into Mildert, the more Mildert will give to you. Treat everyone as a potential friend and you won't go far wrong.

Working together, we will all achieve so much in the year to come, I know it! Until October,

Simon x (Contact me at: )

And something from our Senior Frep- James Cockbain:

It has been a massive pleasure as Senior Frep this year to put together the fantastic team who will help you along this huge transition. A 46 strong team that spans a vast range of the many pursuits, both academic and recreational, that will be available to each of you from the 2nd October. This very diverse group of people will be a tool of extreme importance to you. They're also all very approachable and friendly as I hope you'll come to quickly realise! If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to utilise their experiences and knowledge wherever possible.

The team have worked throughout the summer to put on a packed week showcasing the very best that the college has to offer. We hope that you have a fantastic week, and I am delighted to be able to welcome you into the friendly, diverse and inclusive Mildert family.

Keep an eye on this fantastic website and our social media pages for more information on Fresher's Week. In the near future we will release both a timetable of events for and our very own fresher's handbook introducing you to the many different aspects to life at Mildert. We aspire to build your excitement and settle nerves in the lead up to the big move-in day, but if you have any questions at all feel free to email me at the address below.

I look forward to meeting you all!
James (

College Parents:

The time has now come to apply for college parents, the link is here: Van Mildert college parents
If you have any questions, please contact

University Induction:

Please go through the induction information given in the link. This contains important information and forms that are supposed to be filled in before arriving at uni. Here's the link:

Things to bring:

Here are some things we suggest you bring along:

A level/IB notes - Might come in handy.

Bottle opener - We don't want any broken teeth around college.

Clothes drier - Think of all the 50p dry cycles you'll save #ballin

Coat hangers - Pretty useful.

Doorstop - You may or may not want an open door policy during freshers, but having this definitely helps with corridor bonding and pre drinks.

Fancy dress - Will be a requirement for majority of socials

Glitter - You won't find a uni that loves it more.

Keyring/Lanyard - Its most likely you'll be able to find one during the freshers fairs, but if you want to stand out from the crowd with an edgy lanyard from home, now is your chance.

Klute Shoes - A pair of shoes for your unavoidable nights out to Klute, the worst nightclub in Europe. Preferably dark coloured, the floors are sticky they're so mucky.

Paracetamol/Throat losengers - Freshers flu is real. Even the strongest of us can't avoid it.

Pins (only for Wear block) - Pin up those cute pictures from home to make your room more 'you'. If you're not Wear, don't fret, white tac is perfectly acceptable if it doesn't damage the walls.

Mug - This will be your multi-drinking device, tea, hot choc, pre drinks- the lot.

Reed diffuser - Candles aren't allowed in college rooms because of the sensitivity of the fire alarms, so get one of these bad boys to make your room smell as fresh as you guys are. On the note of sensitive fire alarms, be careful of aerosol cans underneath them too...

Small sewing kit - Mums not there anymore.

Smart matriculation clothes - Because alas, we are not a gown-wearing college, we have to try and show them up in some way at Matriculation on Wednesday of Freshers week.

Toothbrush - Doesn't hurt to be reminded, good luck making friends with bad breath.

Umbrella - we're in the north, it rains.