Livers'-Out Packs

The Livers'-Out guide is published and ready for viewing. This has everything and anything that you need to know about Living Out.
Any further questions then email [email protected]

Living Out Details

Living out in a house or flat with your friends is an important part of one’s university experience. For the majority of students, it’s the first time they will live in their own house and presents a huge responsibility with bills and rent to pay. The Livers’ Out Officer exists to make this experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Liver's out officer helps provides:

A year-round support for anyone who may have issues either finding a house or living in their current one. Distributing ‘Livers’ Out Packs’ early in Michaelmas term to help students adjust to living out of college. Organising find-a-housemate events both in college and in conjunction with the DSU.
Organising Livers’ Out socials in and around Durham.

Liver's Out Officer

In addition to the left, the Livers' Out Officer also represents those living out at both a College and University level; to Exec, the JCR and the DSU, ensuring that Van Mildert and the University are providing adequate services and support for students wherever they choose to live. Get in contact with them ([email protected]) if you have anything you want to tell them!