Open Days

Our Open Days give Mildert offer holders a chance to come and visit the college, to allow you to experience the culture, our atmosphere, facilities and opportunities before you are required to confirm your place at university.


Why you should come?
During our Open Days, we wont be telling you that you should come to Mildert; the aim of our Open Days is to allow you to work out if our college is right for you.

We want people to completely enjoy their time at university, and to get the most out of it, and during the Open Day period you may be able to see whether Mildert will be the best place for you.


Who can come?
If you are an offer holder for Van Mildert, they you will be contacted about coming, and everyone is welcome! You can stay overnight in our accommodation, or just visit during the day if you prefer.

Even if you are not an offer holder, but would still like to visit, then the whole of college will be open for tours during the day, so feel free to turn up!

Our Open Day Reps will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about college, or Durham University in general.


When do they take place?
They usually take place during the first week of the university’s Easter holiday, around the last week in March, however please check both our website and the general University social media channels for details closer to the time.

We offer three open days, usually the Monday, Tuesday and the Wednesday, with students able to stay either on the Monday night or the Tuesday night.


What happens during the Open Days?
If you plan on staying overnight, normally you will arrive at around 3pm. We will be waiting at the station for you if you choose to get the train, so don’t worry about finding your way to college!

When you get to college, you will be shown to your room by one of our Open Day Reps. They will be on hand during the whole time you stay with us to answer any questions you may have.

Activities will be on until dinner, where you will be sat with fellow applicants to your course, and a Rep who also does that subject.

After dinner, we usually host some corridor events to give you the chance to meet some people you may meet if you do decide to come.

During the evening, we host a bar quiz and the bar will be open (ID is required). We normally finish the evening with some chilled events as well as a fantastic silent disco. This allows you to really experience all aspects of life at Mildert, to see if you think you will fit in with us.

The next day after breakfast, Reps will escort you down to your subject talks, which take place until around midday. These are organized by the university, so you will need to look on the department websites for more information about these.