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Constitutional Amendments

This page lists constitutional amendments since 2018.

June 2020

Changes were made to reorganise, update and improve including reflecting the (soon to be) status of the JCR as a CIO.

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April 2020

Changes were made to the Executive Committee and several other officer positions.

Line by line Summary

November 2019

Website Committee was (re-)established.


June 2019

Several changes were made including the replacement of the Treasurer and Services Manager with the FACSO.

Some changes reflect the outcome of the DSO independence referendum.


June 2019 (Technical Committee)

Changes were made to the structure of Technical Committee.


October 2018

Several changes were made including the creation of Constitutional Committee replacing Governance Committee and Steering Committee.


June 2018

Major changes were made to update the constitution to reflect the current JCR.

Summary Standing Orders