Accommodation Details

At Van Mildert, rooms are available for a mixture of first-year undergraduate, final-year undergraduate, and postgraduate students. We are lucky to have some of the best examples of accommodation in the university with a number of our blocks having being refurbished in recent years.

There are seven blocks situated around our large grounds, each is named after a Northern river: Derwent, Wear, Tees, Middleton, Tyne, Tunstall, and Deerness. All of the blocks have a corridor format, unlike the flat-like arrangement found at many universities, with between 16 and 25 rooms to a corridor - we find this creates a great atmosphere and gives you an instant and diverse group of friends from the moment you move in.

Typically there are bathroom and shower facilities for around every three people on a corridor - so a group of twelve would share four showers and toilets. All communal areas are cleaned several times a week by Mildert's dedicated group of housekeeping staff; bedrooms have their bins emptied and sink areas cleaned three times a week, and are hoovered fornightly.

Some Facts




Week Contract


Ensuite rooms


Acres of parkland

Quality rooms and catering

Each room has wifi access; is fully catered, 7 days a week; provides ample storage space; and a sink or ablution area.

Common Rooms

Most blocks provide common rooms for each corridor, the majority of which were refurbished during the 2011/12 academic year.

En-suite rooms

There are also a limited number of en-suite rooms available to all students. Whilst many applicants initially express an interest in en-suite rooms, by the end of their first year most agree that communal corridors provide a better atmosphere and engender a much stronger spirit of community.

38 week contract

You are given your key at the beginning of the Michaelmas term and must move out by the last day of Easter term.


Each floor also has a kitchenette; in Tees, Tyne and Deerness these kitchens have an oven, large fridge-freezer, toaster, microwave and storage space.

Laundry Facilities

Each block has laundry facilities, machines are self-dosing, so there is no need to bring washing powder or fabric softener. It costs £3.50 for a wash and drying is free. The machines are operated by a pre-pay keyfob which can be topped up at reception.

Term Time

During term time, all meals are catered and are included in the room rental. Outside of term meals can be purchased from the kitchen, or residents can self cater using the facilities provided throughout the blocks. The only time you are not permitted to be in residence is during the Christmas closure - when the whole of College is closed for Christmas and New Year, typically this extends from the 20th of December through until the 5th of January, though these dates are subject to change from year to year.

Living In

All Freshers have a room in college. This is a great way to make new friends and really become part of the JCR community. Some people chose to stay living in a house but many chose to come back to college for their home comforts - a clean room, food that is cooked for you and friends all around you. This can be competitive so to find out who has priorities do have a look at this booklet.

Living Out

In second year this is your chance to live out! There is lots of help in finding houses so don't be worried about finding a place or people to live with. Students normally love the experience of a bit more independence and finally learn how to look after themselves. In third and fourth year you then have a choice.