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College Accommodation

Please note that this is not an official page of Durham University.

Mildert is a catered college with no shared rooms.


A typical fresher room will have a single bed, a sink and mirror, a desk and chair, a wardrobe and under-bed storage. All rooms have recently upgraded Wi-Fi.

A limited number of en-suite rooms are available, prioritised to those with medical conditions.

Operations team

The College is staffed 24/7 by our wonderful porters who are ready to help out with almost any situation, be it replacing light bulb or offering a friendly face and shoulder to cry on late at night when the rest of the world is asleep.

The reception team sort the post (they've seen more Amazon parcels than you can imagine) and help you with things like room bookings and maintenance requests.

The housekeeping team work to ensure that your bins are emptied regularly and the college kept clean.


During term-time, livers-in are provided with 3 meals a day (included in the accommodation fee) in our wonderful Ann Dobson Hall. As well as meaning that livers-in don't have to worry about food, it helps foster the sense of community in our College. It is common for each corridor to go together, but you can go any time and with whomever you want.

Out of term time, should you wish to stay, you can use the kitchen facilities on the blocks to cook for yourself. Provision is usually made for students to buy meals at one of the colleges in the University, extending even to Christmas Dinner in the Castle.


The accommodation fees are not cheap and the JCRs continue to oppose the huge increases over the last couple of decades. However, we do recommend that all freshers live in College if they can. Financial support for home students is available in the form of the Durham Grant which has been expanded to cover a wider range of household income.


Second years usually live out in the city. Many finalists return to living in College to take advantage of the benefits in their biggest year of study.