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Fresher Advice

Fresher's week is an exciting and hectic time, stuffed to the brim with activities for Freshers to get to know the college, university and their peers. It's a scary time, and we've all been through it, so here's a bit of advice to get you through those first few weeks!

Top 3 Things To Remember

We've got your back

University is a big change from school and we know that. As Freps, we are here to support and help you, so please don't be afraid to approach us for a chat! Our talk and support team will be here throughout the whole year for a chat, sexual health supplies or just a cup of tea. There is also university welfare and support teams, including college welfare who are always available to support you.

Give it a go!

There are lots of events and activities at Mildert, advertising societies, sports and more. The great thing about college is that you don't need to have touched a ball in your life to try out a new sport or have acting experience to join MildARTS. Try out something new and don't be scared to give it all a go!

Don't feel pressured

Fresher's week caters for all. From the all-night party goers to the 9pm breakfast-tea club, there are social events available for everyone. Don't feel pressured to go out or stay in if you don't want to, because there will be plenty of people who are feeling the same as you who you can get to know at the events that suit YOU.

Here are some things we suggest you bring along:

A level/IB notes These might come in handy during the first few weeks of your course
Battery-operated fairy lights As great as fairy lights are, only battery-operated sets are allowed for health and safety purposes.
White tack/pins (Wear) You'll get a poster or two in your Fresher's pack, but if you want to add a bit of personality to your room with something cute, white tack is an essential. Wear has pin-boards, so pins are a must for you lucky kids.
White tack is preferred over blue tack as blue tack is known to leave stains.
Bottle opener We don't want any broken teeth around college
Coat hangers Pretty useful! (You can buy some cheaply at shops in town, so don't worry if you can't fit them in your suitcases/boxes)
Fancy dress A requirement for the majority of socials
Keyring/Lanyard You'll get one during Fresher's fair, but if you want to start the year edgy and bring your own then it's a good idea.
Klute Shoes A pair of shoes for your unavoidable nights out to Klute, the worst nightclub in Europe (after 1st place burnt down). Dark-coloured are best, no one knows quite what those floors are covered in.
Paracetamol/Throat losengers Fresher's flu is real. Even the strongest of us can't avoid it.
Pre-drinks cup and separate mug Using the same cup for your tea and vodka mixer is not a good idea. Trust us.
Reed diffuser Candles aren't allowed in college rooms because of the sensitivity of the fire alarms, so get one of these bad boys to make your room smell as fresh as you guys are. On the note of sensitive fire alarms, be careful of aerosol cans underneath them too...
Small sewing kit Mum's not there anymore.
Smart matriculation clothes Because alas, we are not a gown-wearing college, we have to try and show them up in some way at Matriculation on Wednesday of Fresher's week.
Speakers Great for pre-drinks and corridor social time.
Stapler You'll need it when you hand in work and best to be prepared when you're giving it in 5 mins before the deadline.
Toothbrush Doesn't hurt to be reminded, good luck making friends with bad breath
Umbrella We're in the north, it rains.
Water-bottle A necessity for those 4am drunken awakenings. Because there's nothing worse than Fresher's dodgeball with a hangover.