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Fresher's Week @ Van Mildert College

Fresher's Week Timetable:

Rest assured we're working hard behind the scenes to provide you with an incredible fresher's week! Our timetable is currently unreleased, but we will be in touch asap via email to let you know all the ins and outs of your fresher's week experience. In the meantime, check out our instagram @vanmildertfreshers2023 for updates.

A welcome from our JCR President, Storm Rothwell:

Hello Hello! Welcome to Mildert, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have already achieved so much in getting here, and there is so much more to come. Welcome to the college with the biggest heart, a thriving community, endless sports, societies, committees and events to keep you (a little too) distracted from your degree...

To introduce myself, I’m Storm, your JCR President for the next year. I was elected to lead the Junior Common Room following the most incredible three years at Durham doing my degree. In the JCR we have over 120 sports, societies, committees and outreach projects. We have a shop, a thriving arts scene, a huge international community and many, many events. We have Balls, BoPs (Bit of a party), a number of strange traditions and a group of students who volunteer to make your experience at Durham completely unique from what other universities have.

The best advice I can give to you is to get involved. If there isn’t something you like here, then start something new! Savour your time at Mildert, but don’t worry too much about having the ‘perfect’ university experience, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need someone to talk to. College support, the JCR’s Talk & Support team, Durham University and myself are here to help. While Mildert is unique and offers endless opportunities, there is also a whole world in the wider university community if you fancy something different.

We are all so so excited to meet you, and rest assured we have an amazing freshers week and an amazing year planned for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or vanmildertcollegejcr on insta if you have any questions at all xxx

Storm ([email protected])

And something from our Senior Frep- Tom:

Hello and congrats! You may not know it yet but you’ve been allocated to the best college Durham Uni has to offer! If you managed to visit us during the post offer visiting days this year there’s a good chance we’ve met already but for those of you who haven’t let me introduce myself!

My name is Tom, this year I am the Senior Freshers’ Representative (Frep) at Mildert! Now what does this mean I hear you ask… Well to cut a long story short it means I am here to answer any and all college related questions you have this week, this term in fact all through the year! It also means, with the help of 50+ other Midertians (the fancy name given to people from Mildert), we organise the best freshers’ week possible for all of you guys as you make your way to college this September!

From helping to carry bags on the first day, to singing Karaoke on the last, Freps are around to make sure you get settled in whilst having fun! Together we have spent the summer organising the events to come such as our Formal / Casino Nights and a trip to Newcastle to paint the town YELLOW - red is Collingwood’s college colour so can’t be having any of that! Any questions you can get in touch with me directly on instagram and email!

Tom xoxo
Email: [email protected]
Instagrams: @vmseniorfrep @vanmildertfreshers2023

College Families:

A college family is a key part of Mildert life. Every year, students within college can get “college married”, and, in the next Freshers’ Week, sign up to be college parents. They are then assigned college children, thus making a college family. College families are an excellent way to get to know people, as they are assigned using similar interests, subjects, and hobbies. For freshers, college parents can become great friends with similar music tastes. College parents can study the same subject, so use them for academic help for those summatives, or use their extra year of wisdom for advice. So, sign up using the link below to become part of a happy (college) family!

College Family Sign Up Form