Fresher's Week Timetable:

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A welcome from our JCR President, Sheehan Quirke:

Firstly, a huge congratulations! You are now part of Durham University and Van Mildert College. All the hard work and exam revision has paid off, and you have now joined a unique community of passionate and dedicated students and staff, all who are proud to be a part of this diverse college!

As a Mildertian, and a member of the Junior Common Room (JCR), you will be provided with many different opportunities to enhance your university experience, I urge you to get involved and try something new! The JCR is not only a room within college, but it incorporates all of the sports, societies and committees here at Mildert. We have over 62 clubs to get involved in, so come in October with an open mind and enthusiasm to potentially find a new opportunity to get involved in! Societies are open to anyone, and our sports teams welcome any ability, so there really is something for everyone! We also have 6 fantastic Outreach projects that you can get involved in, ranging from working with children with disabilities, being a teaching assistant in a primary school, to visiting the elderly.

As your JCR President, I was elected to work full time to help run the JCR, working with staff and students to enhance student experience in any way I can. My office door is always open for if you want to have a chat about pretty much anything! I will also be having dedicated office hours this year to listen to any concerns or ideas about the JCR, so do come by if you want to have a chat! I am employed by you to help enhance your student experience and help in any way I can do ensure the smooth running of college and the development of the students in it.

College is a unique entity. It is entirely different from simple halls of residence. We hope that you will take pride in Mildert and what is has to offer. It is a place offering varying opportunities, friends for life, and memories that will stick with you forever.

I can't wait to meet you all in October, and hope you are excited for the weeks and years ahead!

Sheehan ([email protected])

And something from our Senior Frep- Kate Russell:

It has been a massive pleasure as Senior Frep this year to put together the fantastic team who will help you along this huge transition. A 46 strong team that spans a vast range of the many pursuits, both academic and recreational, that will be available to each of you from the 2nd October. This very diverse group of people will be a tool of extreme importance to you. They're also all very approachable and friendly as I hope you'll come to quickly realise! If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to utilise their experiences and knowledge wherever possible.

The team have worked throughout the summer to put on a packed week showcasing the very best that the college has to offer. We hope that you have a fantastic week, and I am delighted to be able to welcome you into the friendly, diverse and inclusive Mildert family.

Keep an eye on this fantastic website and our social media pages for more information on Fresher's Week. In the near future we will release both a timetable of events for and our very own fresher's handbook introducing you to the many different aspects to life at Mildert. We aspire to build your excitement and settle nerves in the lead up to the big move-in day, but if you have any questions at all feel free to email me at the address below.

I look forward to meeting you all!
Kate ([email protected])

College Parents:

The time has now come to apply for college parents, the link is here: Van Mildert college parents
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

University Induction:

Please go through the induction information given in the link. This contains important information and forms that are supposed to be filled in before arriving at uni. Here's the link: