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What is the JCR?

The Junior Common Room (or JCR) is the undergraduate student body of Mildert. It is the heart of the College community.

Freps in yellow holding large letters spelling Van Mildert
2018 Frep Team

From the moment you arrive at Mildert and are greeted by one of our cheery freps in yellow you are part of the JCR family.

The JCR comprises and represents (primarily) undergraduate students at Mildert. Through the JCR, students organise sports clubs, societies, events, charity work and much more. The JCR also provides many services and facilities to its members.

Durham is unique in how active its JCRs are.

Don't let your degree get in the way of your education

Bill Bryson, Chancellor of the University of Durham 2005–2012

Our sports clubs offer a great opportunities for novices and champions alike.

We have 20 sports clubs each with multiple teams at different levels.

There's a society for everyone – or if not, we'll help you make one.

We have 23 societies to choose from, with new ideas every year.

The JCR gives a chance for all members to play a significant role in College and make a difference.

Want to have a say in how things are done? Want to help out? Want to have fun and gain experience in the process? Run for election, interview for a position, apply to join a committee. There's plenty to do, from Shop Committee to Ball Committee we are run by our members.

We hope that our members leave Durham not just with a degree but with great memories and useful experience.

YPP volunteers in blue outside College College dining hall set for a formal JCR men's rugby team: a runner emerges from a scrum A line of singers dressed in black

Outreach and Charity

Sic vos non vobis
– Thus you do, not for yourselves

Our College motto

Mildert is very much a values driven college and we are extremely proud of our JCR Outreach projects.
We have been recognised both nationally and internationally.

Our projects both fundraise and work to advance their cause.

At one count, nearly half of all University volunteers came from Mildert.

A 7th project is now underway thanks to the hard work and dedication of JCR volunteers.

Events such as our annual Charity Fashion Show also give members a chance to run professional-class events while raising money for good causes.

Freshers' Week

New Mildert students in formal dress matriculating at the cathedral with freps cheering
Freshers matriculating at the cathedral

During Freshers' Week, each corridor is assigned dedicated freps who work amazingly hard to make sure everyone has the best time possible and also offering support and advice when needed.

Your first day in a strange place will be daunting, but the frep team will be there to guide you through.

Student Welfare

The passionate volunteers of student-run welfare team Talk and Support strive to keep us healthy and happy. Student welfare is central to the JCR.

University can be a stressful time. Durham degrees are challenging. Moving to a new place and making new friends can be terrifying. Talk and Support provides welfare and support to all Mildert students throughout their time at Durham, whether that's listening to worries in confidence, signposting to University or NHS support, giving out free sexual health supplies or just a sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Cake and furry animals have also been known to make appearances during exam time. 🐇


The JCR runs the College Shop, and Technical Committee.

The JCR also has strong links with the College Bar.

The Shop, Bar and Tech Comm provide employment opportunities for students.

Other Common Rooms

The JCR is one of three common rooms at Mildert along with the MCR (for postgraduates, many of whom are also JCR members) and the SCR (for the MCR, University staff, and supporters from the local community).

The JCR also works with other JCRs across Durham to support each other and ensure that student voices are heard.

Final details...

What is the JCR not?

This is sometimes a cause of confusion for new students.

The JCR is central to the College community and works very closely with College, but the JCR is not College.
Matters such as college food, accommodation, buildings and grounds; fees and finance; discipline; and academic progression are down to College/the University. The JCR will support and represent students with these matters but we cannot change the food, replace your light bulb or buy your block a new oven!

This website is operated by Van Mildert College Junior Common Room. Any views expressed within may not be those of the College the University of Durham.

What actually is the JCR?

See this page.