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Music Room

At Mildert, we're very lucky to have a recording studio on site, as well as 2 music practice rooms. Both of these facilities are available to all Van Mildert students free of charge - bookings made at reception (around events time they get very busy).

The suite is available for use by any Music Department student (but no-one seems to realise this). Music students have priority on weekdays (9am -6pm) and Mildert students at all other times.

The Large practice room has upright piano and drum kit. One bass amp belongs to the JCR. Big Band and most productions use this. All other amps are privately owned and are stored AT STUDENTS OWN RISK.

The small practice room has baby grand piano. Both practice rooms are wired into the control room. This has a 24-channel mixing desk and quad-core computer for making digital recordings and CDs. A range of microphones, stands and cables are available for making recordings.

The Ustinov Room contains the Bechstein grand piano, built sometime between 1901-1914 was recently restored and is available for use by JCR pianists of Grade 8 standard.

Recitals are organised fairly regularly, giving students the opportunity to perform in public on this unique piano.