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Fresher FAQs

We're excited for you to be joining the Mildert family. Going to university is a big step, and you'll probably have some questions... Here we answer some common ones.

See also general JCR FAQs.

Freshers' Week is the week before Michaelmas Term. International Freshers' Week is the week before that, as international students arrive over the week.
2020 Freshers' Week starts on the 28th September, when home students arrive.
See the University term dates.
Being a large college means that there are plenty of committees, sports teams and societies to get involved with. It means there are all types of people. College life also means you make friends across the year groups.
Yes! All Mildert rooms have a desk and chair.
There are also study spaces across College and the University.
Yes! All Mildert rooms have sinks and mirrors.
Definitely not! Mildert prides itself on being a very inclusive and supportive community. Pressuring others into doing things they don't feel comfortable with goes against our values.
The bar has a variety of soft drinks available (and these are sometimes free!).
If you feel pressured or uncomfortable, you can speak to your freps, Talk and Support or College.
Mildert is fully catered! You might want to bring some cutlery, a bowl or a plate. You'll definitely want to bring a few mugs!
Kitchen facilities vary from block to block, but every corridor has at least a fridge, a kettle and a microwave oven.
The wristband price is set based on the activities we plan to provide. The Freshers' Week team work hard to make sure it's the best value for money we can give.
The wristband for 2020 has been priced at £45.
Mildert has a limited number of en-suite rooms for freshers and these are reserved for students with medical needs (including mental health).
Contact College if you think you would benefit from an en-suite room. You will be asked to confidentially provide evidence of your need.
Our international freps work hard to organise things to do when you arrive.
We will be offering virtual events for quarantining students and providing welfare support.
Unfortunately, you won't find out until you arrive. (You will know if you have an en-suite. ) Don't worry about getting lost, though, as freps will guide you to your room.
Accommodation is organised by College and queries relating to allocation should be directed to College staff, though please spare a thought for them and only contact them if really necessary! Organising accommodation for several hundred freshers, returners and postgraduates isn't simple. Changes have to be made as people drop in and out before arrival day. Ensuring that the College is COVID-secure adds yet another layer of complexity.
The University provides insurance cover with Endsleigh for belongings in your room. Notable exceptions are bicycles and accidental damage. There are also surprise inclusions like cover for theft on the way between College and your parents' home. It's worth taking a quick look through the certificate and key facts:
Policy Certificate
Key Facts
For more details, to claim or to arrange additional insurance cover with Endsleigh visit the PVC Colleges & Student Experience Office page.
Unfortunately not! There is limited space at reception so you will have to wait until you arrive.
Yes! You choose from the options when you sign up.


2020 is going to be a very different Freshers Week to normal. Nonetheless, your freps are planning an exciting time for you.

Not at all! We're carefully organising plenty of exciting physical events.
Safety is crucial and College staff have been working with us to make sure that our events are COVID-secure.
The University wide freshers' fair will be virtual this year.
The Mildert 'Freshtival' will take place during the week with controls. You can also find information in your handbook and on social media.
We're sorry we can't give you more information.
A lot more planning and consideration has to go into Freshers' Week this year and we have to adapt to changing rules and new guidelines. We'll let you know more when we've confirmed details.
The basic answer is no.
What is allowed will depend on how University and government regulations develop. There won't be any competitive sport in Michaelmas Term, but our sports clubs are run by passionate members and they will do their upmost to ensure that COVID-secure activities take place.
Corridors will be allowed to eat in the Ann Dobson hall on a rota system so you can enjoy your impressively large (even if we do say so ourselves) dining hall.
There will also be separate, distanced seating for those unable to make their allocated time.
There will be social dining events. These will be like formals (and you'll probably still hear us calling them formals), but with adjustments to be COVID-secure.
No, corridors will be a mix of people from different courses.
When you arrive, freps will be on hand to guide you through what you need to do and direct you to your room.
In order to keep everyone safe, please check your emails for your allocated arrival time.
There will not be printed handbooks from College or the JCR this year.
Please check your emails for the digital versions!
Please check your emails for details.