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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a general question about the JCR or can't work out who you need, then the President is always a good start. If you have a financial query then the FACSO (our finance officer) is person you want; the FACSO also oversees the website, the shop and tech.
Otherwise, take a look through our Who's Who page.
Contact details can be found here.

Current students

If you want to get involved in a society or sports club, contact the club captain or society president; contact the SSO if you can't work out who this is.

If you want to join a committee, then this depends on the Standing Orders. If it's an open committee, then contact its head and you're in. If not, you'll have to apply. Applications normally open in Michaelmas term or the end of Easter term.

Some JCR positions you must apply for, some you must stand for election. Appendix A of the Standing Orders will give an indication of when the processes will take place. Contact the JCR Chair or President if you have any queries.

JCR Meetings are where members can discuss matters of the JCR. Most JCR Meetings will have hustings (Q&A etc.) for election candidates. Proposals to change the JCR will put proposed at a JCR Meeting and will be voted on or put to a referendum. If you are thinking of making a proposal or raising something, you should contact the JCR Chair.

The Executive Committee comprises the 11 elected Executive Officers and the College Bar Steward (non-voting). The Executive Committee makes decisions on behalf of the JCR between meetings or on matters not deemed important enough to put to the wider JCR.

The Standing Orders or Constitution are the rules for how the JCR is run. They can be found here.

The winning candidate in a Presidential election kicks a fizzy drink can (traditionally cola) down the college stairs (trying not to hit the FACSO-elect), throws the can over their head three times and then opens it above their head. This was previously performed by all Executive Officers, but this has fallen out of practice.
The VMA has an article about the history of the Kazu.

Yes, this is your legal right. Please note that you will be unable to hold JCR positions or vote in elections. You may also be charged more than members for services provided by the JCR.

To opt out, write to the President.