General Questions

The JCR, or Junior Common Room, is a community of approximately 900 undergraduates. The JCR organisation is bound by a constitution which governs the more formal aspects of the community. The day-to-day running of the JCR falls to the Executive Committee. There are a number of other committees, societies and sports teams which fulfill roles as diverse as organising fashion shows, mutual appreciation of romantic comedies and playing highly competitive rugby, amongst a multitude of others.
It depends what you want to talk about! If you have a general question about the community, or don't know exactly who to speak to, ask the JCR President or Vice President. If you want to know more about the operational side of the JCR, ask the JCR Communications Officer. If democracy and elections are more your thing, have a word with the JCR Chair. The JCR Events Officer will be happy to help with any questions you have regarding college events. Need tea/biscuits/a hug? Ask the JCR Welfare Officer! The JCR Services Manager will take any questions you have about the shop or gym. If you live out and want to feel more connected to college, ask the JCR Livers Out Officer. Financial queries should be directed to the JCR Treasurer. If you have an issue with the wider uni, the Senior DSU Rep is your man. Want to know more about Freshers Week? Contact the Senior Frep. In the unlikely event you have any questions about the bar except for "a pint please", have a word with the JCR Bar Steward!
It depends what you want to get involved with! If you want to get involved in a society or sports club, contact the club captain or society president who you'll be able to track down in the Who's Who. If you want to be a committee member then you'll need to interview for the committee - interviews only happen when there are vacancies on the committee, it's best to contact the Committee Head of JCR Chair about this. If you want to get more involved still and become Head of a committee, you'll normally need to come to a JCR meeting to contest the position and take part in an election. Further still, if you want to be on the Executive Committee you'll need to hust in a JCR meeting, canvass and then participate in a ballot box election.
JCR Meetings are where we decide things! They are open to all JCR Members, and is where we decide everything from what we might spend some money on, to deciding on a particular policy in the running of the JCR or even listen to people sing, tell a joke and give a speech when they are running for an Executive Committee position.
Manifestos are written by people running for the more important roles in the JCR. You'll see them stuck up in the toilets. They outline who the candidate is, why they feel they are suitable for the job and what their policies are.
Canvassing is done by candidates running for Executive Committee positions. They come round all the rooms providing an opportunity for JCR members to grill them on the manifesto before voting for or against them in the election!
Husts are done by people contesting an election in JCR Meetings. They involve the candidates standing up, giving a speech on why they are right for the job and taking questions. People husting for executive positions have to sing a song and tell a joke as well with often some pretty excellent results...
Candidates who are victorious in elections to the Executive Committee have to kick a can of branded cola down the stairs, throw it over their head thrice and then open it above their person. This is known as a Kazu. Wikipedia knows more about Kazus than anyone in the college.