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Van Mildert College Junior Common Room is an independent Students' Union working to support and enrich the experience of students of Van Mildert College, Durham University.

We carry out our mission in three key ways:




And achieve our goals through five methods of operation:


The JCR hosts a wide array of events across the academic year, ranging from panel discussions on current affairs to 1000 guest Balls. These are all organised bu students, for students.

Welfare & Student Support

Our welfare service, known as Talk and Support, is a key piece of the student support infrastructure for Mildertians, be it for a casual reassuring chat or signposting to professionals.

Sports & Societies

With over 40 sports, societies and committees, Van Mildert JCR is at the heart of students' extracurricular life. These are all supported by and operate under the JCR.

Professional Development

Continuing Durham's excellent reputation for work ready graduates, the JCR has 100s f opportunities for students to step up into leadership positions and build their professional competence.

Outreach Projects

The JCR has 5 outreach projects, all delivering social benefit to the local community whilst simultaneously giving our members valuable life experience, and the chance to make a real world impact in County Durham.

Our Structure:

Diagram outlining the leadership structure of the JCR