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Why Should You Pick Mildert?

So, out of all of Durham's colleges, why should you pick Mildert?

We asked some of this year's Fresher's Rep Team to say why they chose the college, and what they love about being here.

Annabel - 3rd Year History

Mildert is the only college with both guaranteed single rooms and that is fully catered.

Ali - 2nd Year International Relations

It's a big college, with lots of societies, sports and committees, as well as being very diverse, and I also liked that there is no sharing of rooms.

Polly - 2nd Year Human Geography

Mildert is large, very chilled (not a very formal college in comparison to others at Durham), and also it is very fun.

Sophie - JCR President (Anthropology)

I chose it for the outreach, as well as the amount of sports/societies and the lake/green spaces.

James - 2nd Year Ancient History

Not only is there lots of them, the sports are really competitve (football,netball, rugby etc). And most have an A and B team so they are available for everyone and are inclusive.

Ellie - 2nd Year Psychology

It has the best cheer team of all the colleges! Also, Mildert has loads of opportunities to get involved in different committees and societies without requiring any previous experience.

Tom - 2nd Year Classics

Outreach!!!! It's one of the best parts of Durham, and Mildert is the best college for it, providing a huge percentage of the uni's volunteers.

Rachel - 2nd Year Philosophy and Psychology

70's stained glass for sure!

Ellie - 2nd Year Ancient History

Mildert has the strongest women's college rugby team at the uni!

Sheehan - 3rd Year Law (VP Welfare)

Mildert has the best minority representation! We will have a Minority Representation Committee as of next year, and we'll be one of the very first, if not the first, college to do this. It also has the 2nd biggest dining hall in the commonwealth by volume!

George - 3rd Year Politics (SU Rep)

Mildert is a relaxed and friendly college with a good social life and lots of opportunities to get involved in sports, socieites and outreach.

Hugh - 2nd Year Philosophy

Lots of good plays, lots of good people.

Chi - 2nd Year Chemistry and Biology

Inclusive - be whoever you want, whenever you want!