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Carers' Respite Committee

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We support disabled children and their families by providing respite services.


Caring for a child with a disability impacts heavily upon the daily and working lives of parents and carers, and many families experience a real lack of support from social and educational services. As a result, parents and carers often have limited time to work, relax, and complete essential day-to-day tasks. Equally children with physical or mental disabilities often experience discrimination or stigmatisation, which can leave them socially isolated.

What We Do

We provide a supportive environment, which allows both parents and children to relax, socialize and have lots of fun. We put on 'Happy Saturday' sessions, make home visits and organise day trips, with a variety of activities to suit all needs. Home visits involve between 2 and 4 volunteers visiting the family home after school, whilst 'Happy Saturdays' are attended by many families and involve around 10 volunteers.


Our project gives parents and carers a well-earned break, and they really appreciate being able to talk to other families, as well as people outside of the family, about their lives. The children also have the opportunity to try new things, develop skills and confidence, and interact with other children and the volunteers.